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The foundation biobank-suisse has achieved its goals and ceased operations end of 2014. For information about biobanking in Switzerland you can now contact the Swiss Biobanking Plaform:


This web-site will close on 31.03.2017. Please note that the biospecimen finder is not available anymore and the list of Swiss biobanks is not maintened.

( updated 12.12.2015)


The foundation biobank-suisse (BBS) is a collaborative network of biobanks in Switzerland. The network is open to all biobanks operating within Switzerland. The key contributions are currently made by the Institutes of Pathology from Basel, Bern, and Lausanne.

The primary goals are:

  1. to support researchers performing biomedical research with human biospecimens. Accredited researchers can access the biobank-suisse database to obtain an overview of biospecimens available for research (go toFind biospecimen).
  2. to support biobank manager with services to maintain and improve their operations (e.g. support with IT issues; ethical, legal, and social issues; networking with biobankers; etc.).

BBS was founded in December 2005 as an initiative of Oncosuisse and SWISS BRIDGE. Today BBS closely cooperates with the

  • National Institute of Cancer Register (NICER),
  • Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)
  • Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMW)
  • German/Austrian biobank network (CRIP)